About Us – Freeman Group

Eric Freeman founded ER Freeman Ltd (Freeman Group) in March 1956 with the first factory/branch located in Nelson, NZ. Since then the Freeman Group has grown into a national manufacturer with the capability to service all parts of New Zealand. Eric Freeman passed away in late 2016 at the age of 93, passing the private ownership of the business down to his children and grandchildren. The Freeman Group is the largest family owned roofing manufacturer in New Zealand.

The Group Model

The Freeman Group is comprised of eight distinct branches. Each branch is individually branded and operates with a customised business model that matches the unique characteristics of the region that it is located in.

All Freeman Group branches are staffed by experienced locals that know what it takes to put a quality roof on, we only use products that are specifically made to suite New Zealand’s climate.

We have custom designed our entire business to match your needs as well as the unique needs of the climate and region you live in.