Our Quote Promise to You

Roofing is a very complex and highly technical process. There are many factors which can influence the type of materials needed and the most appropriate method of fixing. We Promise that Our Quote will clearly show what you are getting – there will be no surprises.

No Surprises

By making sure you understand our quote, you can be confident that there are no surprises. Better yet, when you look at other roofing quotes you might spot where other firms cut corners or hide costs you could be charged for later.


We will tell you how many metres and items you are quoted.


We will supply all the quantities needed to do the job – regardless of the quantities quoted – providing your plans or building have not changed. (Unless of course you gave us the quantities!).


We will quote on the materials most appropriate for your building and geographic location to ensure you get a proper roofing solution, and that you gain a reliable long-term warranty.

Wind Zone Issues

We will ensure you can choose materials most suited to the wind-zone in your area.

Safety Systems

If we are installing your roof, we will ensure you can see if scaffolding and site protection is required for your project.