Roofing Materials

COLORSTEEL® Maxx – Colour steel roofing materials

Choose COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ when your roofing solution needs to withstand very severe environmental conditions.

COLORSTEEL® Endura – Colour steel roofing materials

COLORSTEEL® Endura™ is the ‘roof of New Zealand’. Trusted and recognised as the first choice in coloured roofing iron and wall cladding.

Galv – Galvsteel™ corrosion resistant lower-cost roofing iron

For use in moderate environments, Galvsteel™ is a lower-cost, zinc coated metal roofing and cladding solution.

Zinc – Zincalume™ corrosion resistant roofing materials

Zincalume® provides an industrial, silvery, matt finish which will age over time and deliver superior, long-term corrosion resistance.

Exotics – custom roofing materials

Pure zinc panels or copper tray roofing is increasingly popular in high value builds. Talk to a Freeman Group branch to discuss your exotic roofing material options.

Clear – polycarbonate roofing materials

Strong and light-weight, clear roofing protects from the harmful UV rays while creating an outdoor living area in your home.