COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ – Roofing materials for extreme conditions

The COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ paint system consists of an AZ200 ZINCALUME® steel substrate with a super polyester pre-painted finish system applied. Designed to provide protection against corrosion in severe to very severe environmental conditions.

COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ pre-painted steel product is suitable for a wide range of rollformed roof and wall claddings, rainwater accessories and general building products. The COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ paint system will exceed the service life of most traditional post-painted systems.


When rollformed, installed and maintained in accordance with New Zealand Steel’s recommendations, COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ pre-painted steel is warranted by New Zealand Steel to meet the performance requirements of NZBC B2.3(c) for 15-years durability when used for the manufacture of roof and wall claddings.

Following pre-treatment, a corrosion inhibitive primer and top coat is applied to the outer surface and a corrosion inhibitive primer and a backer to the reverse side. These coatings are oven-cured to provide colour and corrosion performance.

Serviceable Life

COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ coating can be painted to extend its serviceable life. Contact New Zealand Steel for recommendations on overpainting weathered COLORSTEEL® products.

COLORSTEEL® MAXX™ pre-painted steel products are designed for use in very severe environments.

Do not use COLORSTEEL® MAXX™ pre-painted steel products in the following applications:

  • Embedded in concrete
  • In contact with permanently wet materials
  • Water tanks
  • In contact with soil, bark or similar
  • As concrete formwork
  • In intensive animal shelters

Copper or brass pipes must not be allowed to discharge onto COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel products or be allowed to come into contact with them.

Mixing of brands of pre-painted material on the same building is not recommended by New Zealand Steel Limited. Marking with lead pencils is not advised, and sealing washers should be low carbon non-conducting.

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Drinking Water

Rainwater collected from a roof clad with products made from GALVSTEEL™, ZINCALUME® steel and COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel, will comply with the provisions of NZBC G12.3.1, provided the water is not contaminated from other sources.

The first 25 mm of rainfall from a newly installed roof must be discarded before drinking water collection starts. Where a paint or paint system is applied to the roof, its suitability for the collection of drinking water must be established.

The COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ pre-painted steel substrate is steel strip commonly 0.40 mm or 0.55 mm thick and coated with a 45 per cent zinc, 55 per cent aluminium alloy to a nominal coating mass of 200g/m2 manufactured in accordance to AS1397:2001. A range of thicknesses, widths and strengths are available.

COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ pre-painted steel is available in a range of colours. Where a colour is not available, delivery is normally within two to four weeks.

The New Zealand Building Code (BIA B2.3.1 Durability) has indicated that non-structural roofing shall have a minimum durability of 15-years (with maintenance).  Product selection and the environment of the building location may affect warranty periods.

Request a warranty when you order your COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel roof or rainwater products.

For further information on warranty periods, product recommendations, maintenance requirements and product usage restrictions see the New Zealand Steel Environmental Categories, Warranty and Product Maintenance Recommendations Brochure.



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