Galvanised Steel Roofing Materials

We are pleased to offer GALVSTEEL™ – New Zealand Steel’s continuously hot-dipped galvanised steel (galvanised iron) products. Our Galvanised steel roofing products are available in a variety of widths, gauges and mechanical grades.

GALVSTEEL™ products are particularly suited to applications where the corrosion resistance of zinc and the high strength to weight ratio of steel is required.

The performance of the GALVSTEEL™ product will be determined by the zinc coating thickness and the environment in which it is used. In dry neutral internal environments lower zinc coating (Z100, 100 g/m2) can be considered appropriate for selected applications. However, in more corrosive environments, as with underground steel culverts, a Z600 coating should be used.

The mechanical grade specified refers to the minimum yield strength of the steel base metal.

If New Zealand Steel Limited products are maintained according to the following recommendations, the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code B2 for 15-year durability for roofs and exterior walls will be met or exceeded.

For further information on warranty periods, product recommendations, maintenance requirements and product usage restrictions visit:



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